It Begins in Betrayal, by Iona Whishaw. Book report #1 (2022)

It Begins in Betrayal, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2019

Yes, another Lane Winslow mystery, but I am quite hooked on this series. Unlike other murder mystery series, this is one that cannot be read out of order – each book links into the next, and the histories of the characters revealed in one book are essential to subsequent stories. A bit like a miniseries, where it is hard (not impossible, just difficult) to pick up the series in the middle.

In this one, Darling is recalled to England and then arrested for murder in connection to a plane crash during the war. Lane goes to London to help and gets involved up to her eyebrows in intrigue and espionage. Obviously, everything works out because there are 6 more books in the series, but not before plenty of twists and turns, red herrings and mysteries.

I will keep reading through the series, but likely not count many (or even any) in this year’s list as they are less likely to fit with many categories after a while. But I wanted to count at least one as a start to the reading year (although it may not survive on the list as I fill up these categories…) and to start the year with a guaranteed hit. This did not disappoint.

1 – a book with a murder
8 – a book with a female author
33 – a book with a Canadian author

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