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Book report #14 (2018)

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain. Pub 1884 I was led to re-read this book after watching the Ken Burns documentary about Mark Twain (which was fascinating and highly recommended). A big part of the documentary was about his most famous book and character, and so inspired me to pick this one up … Continue reading

Early experiences in science

April 27th is Tell-a-Story Day. It is also what would have been my Pop’s 71st birthday. Time for another story with him. Pop did his PhD in the mid- to late-Seventies, on the topic of cocaine. Specifically, the study looked at the effects of coca leaf extracts on the physiology of rats, as a way to understand … Continue reading

Book of Treasures – Grade 8

Grade 8: September to December 1979, Souris Elementary School, Souris, PE. Teacher – Mr. D. MacDonald. January to June 1980, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher – Mrs. A. Enns. In the summer before Grade 8, we moved with my dad to Souris, PE, a tiny town in Eastern Prince Edward Island. The change … Continue reading

Book of Treasures – Grade 7

Grade 7: 1978, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher – Mr. D. Corbett. Grade 7 found us back in the same space as Grade 4, so more open area. I was still in the “B” class, and still very much distracted by the changes at home. I do have class pictures from Grade 7, … Continue reading

Book of Treasures – Grade 6

Grade 6: 1977, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher – Mr. John Chaput. For Grade 6, it was back to the open area classrooms. Mr. H and Mr. Chaput moved up with our class, but I was moved down a bit into the more remedial stream, so Mr. Chaput became my homeroom teacher. I … Continue reading

Book report #12 (2017)

Leaven of Malice, by Robertson Davies. Pub 1954. I bought the Salterton Trilogy as a set on my Kindle, so it was a natural flow in to book two once Tempest-Tost was done. I (again) confess that I might not have read this one either in school, as the story was completely new to me. … Continue reading

Book of Treasures – Grade 5

Grade 5: 1976, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB Teacher – Mr. H. I was super excited to start grade 5. Age 9 felt pretty grown up. With that new maturity came new responsibilities – being a crossing guard, having a house key and going home for lunch on my own. There was also the teacher – … Continue reading

Book report #10 (2017)

Tempest-Tost, by Robertson Davies. Pub 1951 I confess here – this is the book I was supposed to read in school, but didn’t. It was in Grade 11 (or possibly 12), and it was for Canadian literature with Mrs. Kruk. One of the required books that term was Leaven of Malice, part of the CanLit … Continue reading