Book report #24 (2020)

I'm Thinking of Ending Things, by Iain Reid. Pub 2016 I don't recall when I ended up with this book, or why - I think I may have read a blurb online, but I know now that I mistakenly thought this was a different author (Iain Banks). Since I purchased it, the book has received... Continue Reading →

Crashing coffee cups

April 27th is Tell-a-Story Day. It is also what would have been my Pop’s 72nd birthday. So it seems highly appropriate to tell a story about him. A short one this year, inspired by a comment by a friend. She was describing how she frequently, in her haste to get going in the morning, will leave her coffee cup... Continue Reading →

Driving Lessons

April 27th is Tell-a-Story Day. It is also what would have been my Pop’s 70th birthday. Time for another story with him. This year will be about driving lessons. I'm visiting family back in Manitoba next month, and we'll be spending a few days "at the lake", which is local lingo for staying in a cottage or... Continue Reading →

Book report #3 (2017)

I'll Ask You Three Times, Are You Okay? Tales of Driving and Being Driven, by Naomi Shihab Nye. Pub. 2007 I don't recall how I came to this book - likely another Facebook item. This is a well done collection of personal essays and memoirs by an active writer, teacher and poet based on her... Continue Reading →

Solo travels

"The average solo traveler is a 47-year-old female." I guess I've been 47 for much of my life, or perhaps I'm just reaching the median, with dozens more years to go. I've always enjoyed solo travel, especially on the road - behind the wheel, miles clicking north south east west, tunes blaring (and being sung... Continue Reading →

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