Book report #9 (2020)

The Mirror and the Light, by Hilary Mantel. Pub 2020 I had read the previous books in this series a few years ago. Both were very good, so I had high hopes for this concluding book. And I was not disappointed. Personalities that we think we know from history become very real people in these... Continue Reading →

Looking on the bright side

I had a chat today with a colleague and friend. We’re about the same age, and have been working for about the same number of years (30+ for me, close to the same for her plus school and family). She said, “When does all this hard work start to pay off?” We talked about it... Continue Reading →

Childless by Choice

I am childless by choice. I am not childless because of lack of opportunity or failure of circumstance to enable me to attempt conception, childbirth and motherhood. I have consciously chosen not to have children, and by extension have made choices in my life that eliminated motherhood as one of its characteristics. I have no... Continue Reading →

The Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle

I understand the point of some of this discussion - that the Komen Foundation's decisions are more influenced by politics than perhaps they should be, considering that their aim is to address a women’s health issue. However, two points trouble me in this article. 1 - defining pregnancy as a disease and 2 - the... Continue Reading →

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