Book report #13 (2022)

The Overstory, by Richard Powers. Pub 2018 This book was a slog and a half. I started it in the first week of January and have whittled away at it over the past 3 months, finally closing it this past weekend. It is long but felt oh-so-much longer with its complex and convoluted characters and... Continue Reading →

Book report #24 (2021)

21st-Century Yokel, by Tom Cox. Pub 2017 I've had this book on my shelf for ages, purchased shortly after I read Cox's short stories a few years ago. I enjoyed some of those and the writing style - especially the evocative text describing landscape and outdoor spaces in several of the stories, so thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Book report #5 (2020)

A Field Guide to Getting Lost, by Rebecca Solnit. Pub 2005 I learned about this book at brainpickings, a site that I subscribe to on Twitter. It always has interesting serene tidbits and suggestions for reading. Walking is a favourite pastime of mine, so this seemed like a good book for me (she has another... Continue Reading →

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