Book report #25 (2021)

A Game of Chess and other stories, by Stefan Zweig. Translation by Peter James Bowman in 2016. Stories originally pub 1925, 1927, 1936, and 1942. I think I first heard about the Chess story in a Slack channel discussion about leadership - I think someone mentioned it as a favourite book, but I can no... Continue Reading →

Book report #21 (2020)

The Dangerous River, by RM Patterson. Pub 1966This is one of my all-time favourite books about the outdoors (yes, I have read it before). A rollicking story of adventures in the Canadian North, Patterson details his summer and then full year in the South Nahanni region of the North West Territories in 1927-29. His explorations... Continue Reading →

Book report #20 (2020)

Indian Ink, by Tom Stoppard. Pub 1995 I have had this slim lovely book on my shelves for a very long time, but had never actually read it till now. I purchased this book on 05 April 1995, at the Aldwych Theatre in London where I had just seen the play. I was in England for... Continue Reading →

Book report #17 (2020)

The Lost for Words Bookshop, by Stephanie Butland. Pub 2017 I purchased this book entirely because the author's name is the same as someone that I work with. I was interested in it as a novel set in a bookshop (always a favourite), and was not disappointed. Set in York, with side trips to Whitby... Continue Reading →

Book report #14 (2020)

Nocturnes, by Kazuo Ishiguro. Pub 2009 I picked this book up right after I read Never Let Me Go, as I was so taken with the story telling and Ishiguro's deftness with female characters. That must have been in 2013, because I found the Port Townsend ferry ticket (shown in the picture) marking just 25 pages... Continue Reading →

Book report #13 (2020)

The Diary of a Bookseller, by Shaun Bythell. Pub 2017 A gift from a dear friend, this one-year diary by Shaun Bythell was a delightful read, perfect for reading a few entries or pages just before bed. I especially like the excerpts from George Orwell as introductions to each month, confirming that bookselling has not... Continue Reading →

Book report #22 (2019)

I Heard the Owl Call My Name, by Margaret Craven. Pub 1967 I had resolved not to purchase any new books in 2019 – a kind of book-buying fast. As my home is seemingly overflowing with books, many unread, I wanted to try to get through the year reading what I had. Alas, on a... Continue Reading →

Book report #4 (2019)

The Enchanted April, by Elizabeth Von Armin. Pub 1922 I’ve been thinking about this book (as in thinking about reading it) for several years. I remember the film from 1991, and although I have not seen it since the late 90s, I recall that it was part of the era of “period” films based on... Continue Reading →

Item #20: World Famous cook set

During a recent vacation, I was using this set of pots and pans and was reminded of its vintage. This set is now 25 years old, having been purchased in 1992 at the inauspicious start of my hiking and outdoor hobby. Back then, I had grand aspirations of travelling the world, getting back to nature... Continue Reading →

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