Item #26: Phone collection

This is a set of items, but I'm considering it one because of what the collection represents: my cell phone history. I remember first seeing a cell phone in 1992. At work, the three guys who owned the company each got a cell phone - one of those giant brick size ones with the big... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 2

Grade 2: 1973, Princess Margaret Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher: Mrs. Soderstrom. I was added to Grade 2 quite shortly after starting Grade 1. Suddenly, I was with kids who were a year older than me and had been a cohort for a few years already. Even though we’d all been at the same school,... Continue Reading →

Item #15: Book of Things

While my “rules” for this list of objects proscribes books, I find I will have to make some exceptions, for this book and a few others, because they align with the spirit of the project: things with no value beyond my attachment, objects that require an explanation as to “why keep this”. So I hereby... Continue Reading →

Someone took my Kodachrome away

These ancient relics discovered in a box of (equally ancient) light bulbs, reminded me of my epiphany about the loss of the printed photo. It happened in 2011, when a good friend was leaving to live overseas for a year or two. I was inspired by a photo that came up on my digital picture... Continue Reading →

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