Book report #29 (2021)

A Bookshop in Berlin (aka No Place to Rest Her Head), by Françoise Frenkel. Pub 1945, my edition pub 2015. This book was recommended by my book club partner, and while their praise of it was not effusive, it was sufficient to interest me as a book to check the "recommendation" box on this year's... Continue Reading →

Book report #13 (2021)

The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kinsgsolver. Pub 1998 Another re-read of an old favourite, and another that I often claim as a favourite even though I've only read it the once. This book was both good and popular back in the day, and I read it along with many others in the last heady years... Continue Reading →

Good riddance, 2020

Like most people I'm sure, I'll be glad to flip the calendar from 2020. I started this blog in 2010, at the end of (for me) a tumultuous year. 2020 has been less personally challenging but still no picnic. I tried for a few years doing a year-end sum-up of things that made me laugh/cry/get... Continue Reading →

2020 Reading Challenge – summary

I don't know why I haven't done this before - a summary of the year's reading. Perhaps I've just gotten more organized in recent year. Here's the final book list for 2020: 1 – Body part in title Any Human Heart – William Boyd 2 – Published before 1939 Mrs. Dalloway – Virginia Woolf 3... Continue Reading →

Book report #35 (2020)

Landmarks, by Robert MacFarlane. Pub 2015 I have wanted to read something by Robert MacFarlane, and when I saw that I needed a language book to complete my list for 2020, he was a good choice. I opted for this book because I already owned it (otherwise, I would likely have chosen The Lost Words).... Continue Reading →

Book reports #10 and #11 (2020)

Keeping an Eye Open, by Julian Barnes. Pub 2015 Through the Window, by Julian Barnes. Pub 2012 Two non-fiction books by Julian Barnes. Keeping an Eye Open is a collection of essays on art (art history and art criticism) and Through the Window is a collection of essays on literature (more history and criticism). Each... Continue Reading →

Book report #24 (2019)

Ex Libris, by Anne Fadiman. Pub 1998 I remember exactly how and where I came upon this now-treasured collection of essays (and its companion, At Large and At Small) – it was in 2008, on a vacation in Victoria, and a visit to that Mecca for booklovers, Munro’s Books. My favourite spot in the store... Continue Reading →

Book report #10 (2019)

Machine without Horses, by Helen Humphreys. Pub 2018 I bought this one last year on the strength of the author – Helen Humphreys is a long-time favourite – but ended up reading Wild Dogs instead. I came back to this one on vacation, on my e-reader after my pile of books held nothing more entrancing.... Continue Reading →

Book report #18 (2018)

The Wine Lover’s Daughter, by Anne Fadiman. Pub 2017 Anne Fadiman is one of my favourite writers; sadly for me, she has very few books, so I was delighted to find that she’d at last produced another one. This memoir about her father is a poignant journey to find and enshrine the meaning of his... Continue Reading →

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