Book report #25 (2022)

The Growing Season, by Nelson Boschman. Pub 2022 I find myself in contemplative mood a lot these days, and in recent months feeling drawn to consider some spiritual additions to my daily life. Perhaps for the ritual, but more I think for answers to "why" and "what else" questions. Reading The Madness of Grief was perhaps a... Continue Reading →

Item #29: Salt Rock

Today brought a few reminders that I’m way behind on my 100 objects project. The second occurred when I looked back at my list so far and saw that it seemed that I’d missed a number in my inventory, resulting in a review of all items and several trips down memory lanes, cul-de-sacs, and back... Continue Reading →

Book report #30 (2021)

My Last Supper, by Jay Rayner. Pub 2019 Jay Rayner is a journalist, food critic, and author who writes delightfully clever reviews and commentary about food, restaurants, and culture. Part Anthony Bourdain, part David Sedaris, he is honest and insightful, never shying away from mild to moderate deprecation of himself or others. I have read... Continue Reading →

Pop and Food

27 April – Pop’s birthday and #tellastory day. Time to tell another (just like the other one…). Food, glorious food. Like many people, I have lots of memories and associations with family members and food. When I started to think about Pop and food, I came up with many little stories and memories. One of... Continue Reading →

Book report #26 (2020)

Always Home, by Fanny Singer. Pub 2020 This book was an unexpected birthday gift from a friend living in California. She knows of my love of good writing and good food (and of the annual reading challenge), and after reading some favourable reviews of this book, she kindly sent it my way. It came along... Continue Reading →

Book report #17 (2019)

The Ten (Food) Commandments, by Jay Rayner. Pub 2017 This book was a gift from my book club buddy, who shares my delight in good food and good writing. The author here is a regular contributor of restaurant reviews and food commentary at The Guardian, and I've read and enjoyed his style before, but this... Continue Reading →

Item #27: Grapefruit spoons

Prior to 2007, I had never seen such a thing before, didn’t even know they existed. These quirky little things are grapefruit spoons, designed for citrus aficionados who like to scoop their fruit with ease. My grampa was such a one. He was a man who took care with his appearance – almost always appearing... Continue Reading →

Book report #19 (2018)

An Everlasting Meal, by Tamar Adler. Pub 2011 I don't recall how I learned about this book, but it truly a treasure of food writing. While there are many recipes included, the prose is mostly about creative and - yes - everlasting ways to cook food. More than that, the language is lyrical - Adler... Continue Reading →

Food on Film

Another cinematic list, about another favourite topic - food. Eating is a universal activity, and yet it doesn't get portrayed very well or often in movies. Here are some of my favourites, for times when you want to eat vicariously or need culinary inspiration. Babette's Feast (1987, Gabriel Axel). Starring Stéphan Audran, Birgitte Federspiel, Bodil... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 3

Grade 3: 1974, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB Teacher – Mrs. Delaquis We moved in the summer of 1974, from a townhouse in East Kildonan to a duplex in Southdale. Complete suburbia, right down to the white fence. The school was right at the end of our street, so now I could walk to and... Continue Reading →

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