Item #26: Phone collection

This is a set of items, but I'm considering it one because of what the collection represents: my cell phone history. I remember first seeing a cell phone in 1992. At work, the three guys who owned the company each got a cell phone - one of those giant brick size ones with the big... Continue Reading →

Facebook philosophy

I use Facebook frequently (as I've written about before). It is a valuable tool for me for staying connected to friends. I have learned many interesting things - read about news and events that I otherwise would be unaware of. I've been entertained, moved, challenged by post from friends and strangers. I've been on Facebook... Continue Reading →

2017 Reading Challenge 

I started a new list and challenge this year, borrowed from something I saw on Facebook - read 26 books this year, satisfying a list of criteria designed to keep the list diverse and encourage exploring new styles, genres, etc.  With a few friends, we came up with our own version of the list, and... Continue Reading →

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