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Book report #28 (2020)

Permanent Record, by Edward Snowden. Pub 2019 This was the last of the vacation reads – a gift from my sister at Christmas last year, and long overdue to read. I’ve stayed up late a few nights this week with this one. Edward Snowden needs no introduction as the whistleblower of the US NSA mass … Continue reading

Book report #21 (2019)

The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood. Pub 2019 At long last for everyone, the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m glad I chose to read this while away, and I had not spoiled it at all by reading up on social media (although I might now). I wanted to love this. Perhaps after time and attention, … Continue reading

Book report #12 (2019)

The Raw Shark Texts, by Steven Hall. Pub 2007 Like Wild Dogs, I’ve at last gotten to this long-ago recommendation. I can’t believe I waited so long. This book was fantastic – literally. Part The Matrix, part Griffin & Sabine, with definite shades of David Mitchell, this adventure paranormal mystery love story is a page … Continue reading

Item #26 – Phone collection

This is a set of items, but I’m considering it one because of what the collection represents: my cell phone history. I remember first seeing a cell phone in 1992. At work, the three guys who owned the company each got a cell phone – one of those giant brick size ones with the big … Continue reading

Book report #20 (2018)

Wild Dogs, by Helen Humphreys. Pub 2004 I’ve read almost all of Helen Humphreys’ novels, but strangely not this one. Strange because this one was specifically recommended to me. It was in the early fall of 2008 (I think). I was visiting my friends Joan and Pete on the Sunshine Coast for the Pender Harbour … Continue reading

Facebook philosophy

I use Facebook frequently (as I’ve written about before). It is a valuable tool for me for staying connected to friends. I have learned many interesting things – read about news and events that I otherwise would be unaware of. I’ve been entertained, moved, challenged by post from friends and strangers. I’ve been on Facebook … Continue reading

2017 Reading Challenge 

I started a new list and challenge this year, borrowed from something I saw on Facebook – read 26 books this year, satisfying a list of criteria designed to keep the list diverse and encourage exploring new styles, genres, etc.  With a few friends, we came up with our own version of the list, and … Continue reading

Friending and Following (and being followed)

http://www.newyorker.com/science/maria-konnikova/social-media-affect-math-dunbar-number-friendships https://medium.com/treatises-on-a-modern-world/the-friend-and-the-follower-1b16ab6bda78 Every now and then I go through my various social media lists and pare back the numbers. I read about the Dunbar number a few years ago, in the book The Tipping Point, and have always found it intriguing that my own number – of FB friends, the social media equivalent of Dunbar … Continue reading

Vax On

Lately I’ve been poking the vaccination debate beehive on social media sites. Mostly, this comes from my own auto-response to reading non-scientific nonsense – it bugs me when I read or hear someone basing the argument for their irresponsible behaviour on bad science, conspiracy theory or freedom of choice. Why is it that we allow … Continue reading

Someone took my Kodachrome away

These ancient relics discovered in a box of (equally ancient) light bulbs, reminded me of my epiphany about the loss of the printed photo. It happened in 2011, when a good friend was leaving to live overseas for a year or two. I was inspired by a photo that came up on my digital picture … Continue reading