2022 Reading Challenge

Another year, another list. 2022’s reading list takes us to 37 items, with some more new categories to keep things interesting. The list is below. For this year, we removed the category “new genre” (after a few years, there were no more genres to choose from), and added an old favourite, a prize-winner (Nobel, Pulitzer, Man Booker, Giller, something like that), a book that has been banned somewhere, and a book we’d call “utter drivel” (a way of getting some satisfaction from persevering through a terrible book).

Here’s to 2022!


2022 Reading Challenge (RS style)

  1. A book with a murder in it.
  2. A book with a body part in the title.
  3. A book published before 1939.
  4. A book published in 2018.
  5. A book about language.
  6. A non-fiction book about travel.
  7. An author’s debut book.
  8. A book written by a female author.
  9. A book that is (or is becoming) a film.
  10. A book of non-fiction essays.
  11. A book recommended by a fellow book-clubber in 2020
  12. A book you feel you ought to read.
  13. A book set somewhere you’ve never been.
  14. A book with someone’s name in the title.
  15. A book with a number in the title.
  16. A book with a colour in the title.
  17. A book with a place name in the title.
  18. A book of short stories.
  19. A book chosen for you by the other reader.
  20. A book with a one-word title.
  21. A book translated from (or in) another language.
  22. A book of poetry or a play.
  23. A biography, memoir, journal or book of letters.
  24. A book about food or cooking (not a cookbook, although it can include recipes).
  25. A book by an author whom you’ve never read.
  26. A (non-fiction) book about science.
  27. A book received as a gift.
  28. An old favourite.
  29. A book you have previously left unfinished.
  30. A book on philosophy or religion.
  31. A book on history or politics.
  32. A book studied in high school or university.
  33. A book by a Canadian author.
  34. A book or author that won a major prize.
  35. A book that has been banned somewhere or some time.
  36. A book that was utter drivel.
  37. WILD CARD – a book that doesn’t fit in another category (or that fits one you’ve already used).

General guidelines:

• No more than four books can be ones you’ve read before.
• You can reassign a book from one category to another throughout the year. As your reading progresses, you may decide that your number 7 book would be better as your number 15 book, as you’ve found another new author you’d like to read.
• After completing a book, the reader emails the other with a synopsis and review. This may help others seeking that elusive book-of-poetry-they-can-get-through.

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