Item #5 – Denali Mug

Mugs are familiar keepsakes from tourist locations and travels everywhere. I have a few, but this one is my most precious and the oldest. As shown, it comes from Denali National Park, the centre point of my 6-week road trip in 1993 from Vancouver, through Yukon and around Alaska, and back through Alberta to home.... Continue Reading →

Lake Morning

I awake gently to the sounds of silence. There is light already, albeit faint, and a part of me nudges towards a return to sleep. I lay still for a few moments, my only movement my blinking eyes. As I wait. There it is – the first chirp or twitter of a smallish critter. The... Continue Reading →

Tea for one, two or more

I've been a tea drinker since my earliest years (back in the days when moms didn't pay as much attention to the caffeine intake of their children). The early tea comrade in my life was my Aunt Jan. I remember when she used to visit and my mom would make a pot of tea in... Continue Reading →

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