Facebook philosophy

I use Facebook frequently (as I've written about before). It is a valuable tool for me for staying connected to friends. I have learned many interesting things - read about news and events that I otherwise would be unaware of. I've been entertained, moved, challenged by post from friends and strangers. I've been on Facebook... Continue Reading →

Plenty to fight about

I confess I'd never heard of Olympia Snowe until she resigned, and know nothing of her track record, her platform or her life. However, I can completely understand her desire to take the opportunity to throw in the towel - or at least to lay it down - in politics. It is her feeling of... Continue Reading →

Despairing of Afghanistan

I've been unable to find this in recent news - did Hamid Karzai call Obama and apologize for the recent deaths of US soldiers at the hands of Afghani police or civilians working on American bases? I suspect that the diplomacy of apology is only required in one direction. I doubt that this apology from... Continue Reading →

Political Correctness Run Amok

Every now and then I get mad enough at the BC Liberals that I contemplate voting NDP the next time around. And then I see something like this. Here is a political party that is more interested in meeting politically correct quotas than allowing the best and the brightest to represent them. While I get... Continue Reading →

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