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Facebook philosophy

I use Facebook frequently (as I’ve written about before). It is a valuable tool for me for staying connected to friends. I have learned many interesting things – read about news and events that I otherwise would be unaware of. I’ve been entertained, moved, challenged by post from friends and strangers. I’ve been on Facebook … Continue reading

I thought we’d come a long way, baby, and then this…

I really had hoped that things might have moved beyond the girls-against-boys approach, but then I had underestimated Christy Clark’s depths. If she thinks this is going to help me connect with the BC Liberals, think again. It sends me running in the opposite direction, desperately seeking government representation that focuses on ideas and plans, … Continue reading

Plenty to fight about

I confess I’d never heard of Olympia Snowe until she resigned, and know nothing of her track record, her platform or her life. However, I can completely understand her desire to take the opportunity to throw in the towel – or at least to lay it down – in politics. It is her feeling of … Continue reading

Despairing of Afghanistan

I’ve been unable to find this in recent news – did Hamid Karzai call Obama and apologize for the recent deaths of US soldiers at the hands of Afghani police or civilians working on American bases? I suspect that the diplomacy of apology is only required in one direction. I doubt that this apology from … Continue reading

Political Correctness Run Amok

Every now and then I get mad enough at the BC Liberals that I contemplate voting NDP the next time around. And then I see something like this. Here is a political party that is more interested in meeting politically correct quotas than allowing the best and the brightest to represent them. While I get … Continue reading