Letters on film

This year's first cinematic list takes a look at letters in movies (or epistolary film, which I was somewhat surprised to learn is not only a genre, but has subgenres). As my lists must include films I've actually seen, my own experience of examples is somewhat limited. Here are the ones I know and love:... Continue Reading →

Theatre on Film

As many who know me know, I'm a great fan of both theatre and film. I'm also a fan of lists. One recent insomniac night, I began a list of best films about theatre. I was able to construct (and remember the next morning) a list of ten, and so here they are, for your... Continue Reading →

Item #3: Jumping Dog

You've probably seen one of these before: a plush, mechanical dog that walks a few steps, slowly sits down and then - WOOSH - does a backflip, lands on it's feet and starts again (occasionally, it lands on its side or head, and then just flails its legs about until you rescue it). In earlier... Continue Reading →

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