Driving Lessons

April 27th is Tell-a-Story Day. It is also what would have been my Pop’s 70th birthday. Time for another story with him. This year will be about driving lessons. I'm visiting family back in Manitoba next month, and we'll be spending a few days "at the lake", which is local lingo for staying in a cottage or... Continue Reading →

Item #14: Suitcase

This is an object of objects, both symbolic and practical. Like a tickle trunk or Mary Poppins' travel bag, this old suitcase is a box of dreams and memories, represented by things old and older. Although apocryphal, my memory tells me that this suitcase once belonged to my great-grandmother - my mom's dad's mom, known... Continue Reading →

Lake Morning

I awake gently to the sounds of silence. There is light already, albeit faint, and a part of me nudges towards a return to sleep. I lay still for a few moments, my only movement my blinking eyes. As I wait. There it is – the first chirp or twitter of a smallish critter. The... Continue Reading →

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