Book report extra #4* (2022)

A Lethal Lesson, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2021 In Book 8 in the Lane Winslow series, the Darlings have returned from their honeymoon and are starting their lives together in King’s Cove when – of course – mysteries begin. As Christmas approaches, a local schoolteacher is found unconscious amidst the wreckage of her own house... Continue Reading →

Book report extra #3* (2022)

A Match Made for Murder, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2020 Book 7 in the Lane Winslow series features the honeymoon of the Darlings, as well as the emergence of leadership from newly minted Sergeant Ames. The Darlings head to Tuscon, AZ for their honeymoon and, as one would expect from Lane, murder and mystery abound.... Continue Reading →

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Annual #tellastory day and Pop’s birthday, and so another pop tale. I don’t recall exactly when it arrived in our home, but at some point when I was young, Pop acquired a banjo. He would spend hours in the evenings and weekends plinking and plunking away, often playing along with something on the stereo or... Continue Reading →

Book report extra #2* (2022)

A Deceptive Devotion, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2019 Book 6 in the Lane Winslow series continues the thread of intrigue and spy-craft from Book 4, with Soviet, British, and Canadian intelligence agencies battling to secure a retiring spy and his important information. As usual, all the plot lines end up leading to Lane’s lovely house... Continue Reading →

Book report extra #1* (2022)

A Sorrowful Sanctuary, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2018 Book 5 in the Lane Winslow series looks at yet another slice of early 20th century Canada, bringing a national story to a local setting in King's Cove, BC. In this story, Whishaw explores the difficult history of displaced persons and enemy aliens, especially in the form... Continue Reading →

Book report #1 (2022)

It Begins in Betrayal, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2019 Yes, another Lane Winslow mystery, but I am quite hooked on this series. Unlike other murder mystery series, this is one that cannot be read out of order - each book links into the next, and the histories of the characters revealed in one book are... Continue Reading →

Book report unnumbered (2021)

Coming Through Slaughter, by Michael Ondaatje. Pub 1976 I sought out this book earlier in the year after finishing But Beautiful, the lovely book of stories about storied jazz musicians. In several reviews of that book, people had gushed about the wonderfulness of Ondaatje's short novel/novella about jazz musician Charles "Buddy" Bolden, a short-lived and... Continue Reading →

Book report #27 (2021)

Death in a Darkening Mist, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2017 This is the second book in the Lane Winslow series of murder mysteries, set in the Nelson/Kaslo area of BC. So as not to give too much away, I will say that this one was a good as the first, well written and with enough... Continue Reading →

Book report #21 (2021)

Rabbit Foot Bill, by Helen Humphreys. Pub 2020 I've had this one in the pile since January's annual purge-and-splurge (part of the book diet), and it was a perfect little short book to add to the vacation pile. Helen Humphreys is a favourite author, and I've read nearly her entire oeuvre of novels. I should... Continue Reading →

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