Book report #23 (2022)

Rosary Made of Air, by Joseph Massey. Pub 2022. I was led to this book through the circuit of poets and artists and other writers that I follow on Twitter (remarkable that Twitter can be a coming together rather than a sundering). Brief snippets of poems and insightful comments intrigued me and felt like gifts... Continue Reading →

Book report #12 (2022)

When We Cease to Understand the World, by Benjamín Labatut. Translation by Adrian Nathan West. Pub 2020 This book was an impulse purchase. At the bookstore to collect some books for work, I overheard the clerk telling another customer about this one and was intrigued by her effusive praise for the strange science and compelling... Continue Reading →

Book report #20 (2021)

How to Fly (in Ten Thousand Easy Lessons), by Barbara Kingsolver. Pub 2020 I picked up this slim book of poetry just before vacation (allowable on my book diet, as Barbara Kingsolver is a favourite author). This is not Kingsolver's first book of poetry, but it is her first in nearly 30 years. And a... Continue Reading →

Book report #9 (2021)

But Beautiful, by Geoff Dyer. Pub 1991 (although my copy is an American updated version from 1996). I wish I could recall exactly when I got this book, likely more than 10 years ago. I attempted to start it a few time, but never got hooked. This time, I was all in, and what a... Continue Reading →

Book report #23 (2019)

Twitch Force, by Michael Redhill. Pub 2019 I was attracted to this book because of the author - last year, I read and enjoyed a novel by Michael Redhill, and so was interested to read his poetry. Unfortunately, the poetry was not as enjoyable as the novel, nor as interesting as the cover art. The... Continue Reading →

Book report #14 (2019)

Little Dogs, by Michael Crummey. Pub 2016 New and selected poems from a favourite writer, this was a great way to get introduced to Crummey’s excellent poetry. The book includes selections from his previous four collections along with a set of new poems. The landscapes, the people, the history and the personal details are intertwined... Continue Reading →

Letters on film

This year's first cinematic list takes a look at letters in movies (or epistolary film, which I was somewhat surprised to learn is not only a genre, but has subgenres). As my lists must include films I've actually seen, my own experience of examples is somewhat limited. Here are the ones I know and love:... Continue Reading →

Books on Film

Time for another cinematic list. Since I’m putting a lot of effort this year (although clearly not right now) into reading, I thought a list of adaptations of novels into film, where the makers got it just right, would be apropos. My rule for this list – I have to have both read the book... Continue Reading →

Book report #16 (2018)

There is No Long Distance Now: Very Short Stories, by Naomi Shihab Nye. Pub 2011 This is the second book I've read by this author (last year I read her quasi-essays "I'll Ask You Three Times: Are You OK?"). This one is just as quirky as the first, but very different as well. After an... Continue Reading →

Books 11 and 12 (2018)

Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur. Pub 2015 The Other Side of Ourselves, by Rob Taylor. Pub 2011 Poetry time. I finished both of these on the same day, even though I started one a while ago. Insomnia is a great friend to making progress on the reading list. These two books couldn’t be more... Continue Reading →

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