My Misspent Youth, by Meghan Daum. Book report #9 (2017)

Tepid, vapid, insipid – are there any other -id words in this vein? They would apply here. I can’t remember how I was tricked into starting this book, but if I ever remember or find the culprit, I’ll buy them the blandest, most boring and lukewarm glass of water there is.
Based on her writing, Meghan Daum is not a person I would be friends with, or even like. Ironically, her latest book is called “Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed”, which could have been the tagline for the book I read. More troubling is that for her latest she’s the editor of the work of 16 other people, which means there are 16 others likely equally as terrible as her.
Consider yourselves warned.
6. A non-fiction book.
8. A book written by a female author.
10. A book of non-fiction essays.
24. A book written by someone younger than you.
26. A book by an author whom you’ve never read.

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