Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman. Book report #8 (2017)

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. Pub 2017.

I picked this one up for a few reasons. One, I’ve always meant to read Neil Gaiman and just never have. Two, I enjoy mythological tales and have never really known the Norse versions. Third, I thought it was published in 2016, so could check that off my list. And lastly, the version of Fahrenheit 451 that I just finished included an introduction by Neil Gaiman, so that seemed like a sign. This was perhaps not the best way to start with Gaiman, an author with a large and broad fanbase, and an eclectic mix of genres in his repertoire. The stories were good and well told, and I liked the style of writing. However, the overall tone seemed geared towards children (which perhaps is intentional? I didn’t see that this was a children’s book, but perhaps it is?) so felt a bit condescending at times. Still, an easy read of short stories with common characters and themes. And I’ll likely explore Gaiman’s oeuvre again. Also, nice to read a bit about Freya, goddess of the Vanir.

7. A book written by a male author.
13. A book set somewhere you’ve never been.
17. A book with a place name in the title.(kind of).
18. A book of short stories.
19. A book you can finish in a day.
26. A book by an author whom you’ve never read.

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