Book report #12 (2017)

Leaven of Malice, by Robertson Davies. Pub 1954. I bought the Salterton Trilogy as a set on my Kindle, so it was a natural flow in to book two once Tempest-Tost was done. I (again) confess that I might not have read this one either in school, as the story was completely new to me.... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 5

Grade 5: 1976, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB Teacher – Mr. H. I was super excited to start grade 5. Age 9 felt pretty grown up. With that new maturity came new responsibilities – being a crossing guard, having a house key and going home for lunch on my own. There was also the teacher –... Continue Reading →

Book report #10 (2017)

Tempest-Tost, by Robertson Davies. Pub 1951 I confess here – this is the book I was supposed to read in school, but didn’t. It was in Grade 11 (or possibly 12), and it was for Canadian literature with Mrs. Kruk. One of the required books that term was Leaven of Malice, part of the CanLit... Continue Reading →

Item #17: Pin Collection

One of a collection of items kept in the brown suitcase, this small box contains a diverse collection of buttons, badges and lapel pins from various points in my childhood. Spilling the box out was little trip down memory lane. Various pins and buttons from places lived, events attended, and memorable dates, I remember having... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 4

Grade 4: 1975, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB Teacher – Mrs. Delaquis Both Mrs. Delaquis and I graduated to Grade 4, and with many of the same kids in my class again. The “room” was open-area again, right next door to the previous year’s room. With the same school, teacher, room and classmates, I was... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 3

Grade 3: 1974, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB Teacher – Mrs. Delaquis We moved in the summer of 1974, from a townhouse in East Kildonan to a duplex in Southdale. Complete suburbia, right down to the white fence. The school was right at the end of our street, so now I could walk to and... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 2

Grade 2: 1973, Princess Margaret Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher: Mrs. Soderstrom. I was added to Grade 2 quite shortly after starting Grade 1. Suddenly, I was with kids who were a year older than me and had been a cohort for a few years already. Even though we’d all been at the same school,... Continue Reading →

Item #16: Book of Treasures

Another digression from the rule about books, this book is more of a compendium of objects than an actual book. Kept within the suitcase of objects, the Book of Treasures is a scrapbook of sorts, an organized way of capturing things from school years. My mom started this for me in kindergarten, and I picked... Continue Reading →

Item #15: Book of Things

While my “rules” for this list of objects proscribes books, I find I will have to make some exceptions, for this book and a few others, because they align with the spirit of the project: things with no value beyond my attachment, objects that require an explanation as to “why keep this”. So I hereby... Continue Reading →

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