An Old, Cold Grave, by Iona Whishaw. Book report #32 (2021)

An Old, Cold Grave, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2017

I’m clearly addicted to these books and characters — three books in one year. I’m not a prolific reader and so must count every single book I read as part of the annual challenge. As I make my way through this series, they align with fewer and fewer categories, which means it will be challenging next year to include any more (but I will try). For 2021, thank goodness for the Wild Card category.

In addition to the characters, I’m enjoying the historical elements of these stories. In this story, there are Home Children, orphans and runaways from England shipped off to Canada before the Great War for “a new life” (i.e. farm labour and quasi-indentured servitude to other new Canadians). The misery of their lives and the injustices committed unto them by the system and society are a lesser known blight on our past, but also one that is all too familiar in other areas and times, including the present day. Whishaw does a great job weaving the history in with the murder mystery, with enough red herrings to keep you guessing, along with the now-familiar characters of King’s Cove in the fore- and background, whose stories advance just enough to make you want more.

Fate: pass along to a friend (and start reading the next one…).

1 – a book with a murder
8 – a book with a female author
33 – a book with a Canadian author
34 – wild card

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