Good riddance, 2020

Like most people I’m sure, I’ll be glad to flip the calendar from 2020. I started this blog in 2010, at the end of (for me) a tumultuous year. 2020 has been less personally challenging but still no picnic.

I tried for a few years doing a year-end sum-up of things that made me laugh/cry/get mad, but looking back at those lists I see that some of the entries were ill-conceived. 2020 does not lend itself to celebration or even acknowledgement, so I’ll definitely skip that this year. Instead, I’ve re-read almost all of the 192 posts I’ve done — a bit like reading an old journal or scrapbook.

Looking back at my posts from the past 10 years, things have been mostly pretty good. I had some good thoughts. I read a bunch of good books and a few pretty terrible ones (the blog posts are cautionary tales so I don’t make those mistakes again). I’m a little more than a quarter of the way through my things project, and three-quarters through my school project. I’m most proud of the posts about my Pop, as I think they capture him well and have helped me work through my own thoughts and feelings. Overall, I don’t think I’ve said anything too controversial, at least nothing that will haunt me (I hope).

Looking ahead to the next 10 years.

My writing has stayed pretty consistent style-wise, and it still sounds like me. I think that now I’m less prone to commentary and more focused on reflection and documentation. Less opinion, more legacy. The documenting projects provide some good touchstones for stories, and I hope to do more of those.

I’m still musing and wondering and still (I think and hope) at mid-life. I like to think I’m somewhat wiser, but perhaps just more experienced. We’ll see what the next 10 years brings, but let’s get 2020 over with first.


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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of writing to have under one blog, and it’s pretty awesome to have 10 years’ worth of writing to look back on. Wishing you many more years of writing to come!

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