The Ten (Food) Commandments, by Jay Rayner. Book report #17 (2019)

This book was a gift from my book club buddy, who shares my delight in good food and good writing. The author here is a regular contributor of restaurant reviews and food commentary at The Guardian, and I’ve read and enjoyed his style before, but this was the first book of his I read.
I enjoyed the writing, and agree with many of the commandments, including “eat with your hands” (although I don’t do that much). I heartily agree with his assessments of beef and pork, and his proscription against cutting off fat. Likewise, his piece about not treating foods like pharmaceuticals is well done – begone açai and antioxidants!
We have recently discovered at our favourite butcher a lovely snack called chicharrón, which is too tasty to be legal and satisfies many of the commandments (including eat with your hands). I’m also becoming more adept at dealing with leftovers in creative ways (based on my previous food read, The Everlasting Meal).
This nice quick read is a fun and funny perspective on approaches to food both modern and classic, and is witty and charming, like a good dinner companion.
14 – book with a number in the title
18 – a book you can read in one day
22 – a memoir
23 – a book about food
24 – a book by an author you’ve never read before (other than in Guardian articles)
26 – a book you received as a gift

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