Fierce, by Hannah Holborn. Book report #15 (2019)

Fierce, by Hannah Holborn. Pub 2008

Rereading this book for the first time since 2008 when it came out. I have this book because I know the author: we met in 2007 in Pender Harbour, and she recommended a few other books (Wild Dogs, Raw Shark Texts) as well as her own forthcoming story collection. All have been excellent. Fierce’s stories are crisp and evocative, bringing both emotions and landscapes into sharp relief in just a few pages. My favourites are “The Fierce with the Fierce” (Yukon ghost story), “Seaweed” (God visits a family), “Indian Act” (love story) and “We Danced Without Strings” (a family learns tragic news). The novella “River” is also good, but ultimately feels cut short, like there is much more story to tell about the broken but persevering families of Everlasting, YT.


6 – an author’s debut novel
7 – a book written by a female author
17 – a book of short stories
19 – a book with a one-word title

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