Some Great Thing, by Lawrence Hill. Book report #26 (2017)

Some Great Thing, by Lawrence Hill. Pub 1992

I found this book when searching for a book set in Winnipeg (of which there are few) and a book published in 1992. Like The Republic of Love, this one met both criteria, and also happened to be one I’d not read before. Et voila, book 26!

While interesting, and a rollicking pace, the various story threads were too all over the place, and very few were ended satisfactorily by the end. Several of the characters were also far too colourful (even caricature) to be believable.

It helped that I was familiar with Winnipeg, as my memory of places and events enhanced some of the scenes. However, it also had the unfortunate distraction of having me look up streets on Google Maps, and being perturbed when there were geographical inaccuracies (for example, if one lives at Wolesey and Lipton, one would not cross the Osborne Bridge on the way to downtown). This led to much searching while reading, slowing my already slow reading pace.

I enjoyed it, but likely won’t rush to read more Lawrence Hill any time soon.

5. A book that came out when I was half the age I was in 2017 (so, 1992)
7. A book by a male author
11. A book set in your hometown or province
26. A book by an author whom you’ve never read


With this book, I complete my 2017 goal of reading 26 books. I also complete my 100th blog post – wow! Still more to complete, but 100 feels like a substantial accomplishment. Thanks for reading this far!

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