The Griffin and Sabine Saga, by Nick Bantock. Book report #18* (2017)

The Griffin and Sabine Saga, by Nick Bantock. Pub 1991-2016

I started on this one when I recently purchased book 7, The Pharos Gate, published in 2016. I’ve read this entire series since it started, and so thought I should wrap it up, ticking off item 4 from the list (book published in 2016). But since the book is so short, I thought I would make the task more legitimate by going back and reading the entire series. And I’m glad that I did.

The books use a series of letters and postcards, accompanied by sumptuous art work, to tell the tale of Griffin and Sabine (and also Matthew and Isabella) as a somewhat modern day mythological love story. Separated into the dimensions of the pragmatic and the ethereal, Griffin and Sabine are able to communicate through “extraordinary correspondence” – actual handwritten letters that somehow make it through the normal postal system (even the Royal Mail is somewhat mythological here) between places and times on separate planes of existence. The total story is marvellous and entertaining, and so beautifully told that it is a wonder to read. The books themselves are works of art.

Completing all seven books takes several hours, and is best spread over a few days to luxuriate in the lyrical magic of this tale of wonder. Best enjoyed with quiet music and a glass of exotic wine (or mug of tea if that’s your pleasure). 

7. A book written by a male author.
13. A book set somewhere you’ve never been (a good chunk of the action takes place in Egypt).
14. A book with someone’s name in the title.
19. A book you can finish in a day.
23. A memoir, journal or book of letters. (Albeit fictional, the entire series is epistolary.)

*I’ve determined that I cannot meet my overall list goal without dropping one of the “books I’ve already read” from the list, so sadly A Prayer for Owen Meany will no longer count in my list for the year.

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