Book report #3 (2017)

I’ll Ask You Three Times, Are You Okay? Tales of Driving and Being Driven, by Naomi Shihab Nye. Pub. 2007

I don’t recall how I came to this book – likely another Facebook item. This is a well done collection of personal essays and memoirs by an active writer, teacher and poet based on her travels throughout the US and world. She writes here primarily about her experiences with taxis, especially their drivers – what they say, where they’re from, and how they affect her. Although this collection is from 2007, it was very relevant to read it now, as many of the drivers she meets and describes are immigrants (and many from the Middle East); their stories are especially poignant in the current environment. There also a memorable driver from New York with a pretty low opinion of now-President Trump. Her stories about her own driving are also highly entertaining. An elegant and engaging writing style, with well crafted vignettes of life as a passenger, made this a delightful read.

6. A non-fiction book.

8. A book written by a female author.

10. A book of non-fiction essays.

15. A book with a number in the title.

26. A book by an author whom you’ve never read.

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