Item #16: Book of Treasures

Another digression from the rule about books, this book is more of a compendium of objects than an actual book. Kept within the suitcase of objects, the Book of Treasures is a scrapbook of sorts, an organized way of capturing things from school years. My mom started this for me in kindergarten, and I picked it up in Grade 3, most likely because, by that point, my mom had two other toddlers to manage. But I’m grateful that she started it, and gave me a place for these treasures. Nowadays, parents likely rely on a more digital or online archive for their children, but I encourage parents to also keep a few actual objects in archive for your kids – trust me, they will thank you.

I spent a most delightful evening recently going through this book, and photographing the contents. So I’ve decided to start a side-bar series to the Objects one, a chronicle of school years. In this milestone birthday year, it seems appropriate. I’ll start with a post (in a few weeks) about kindergarten. 

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