Liberals reach out to the ladies

JUSTIN UNPLUGGED - NOV 7_wc (2)Once again I’m struck dumb by the Liberals (federal this time) cutesy approach to women. Previously it was Christy Clark and the BC Liberals with their women only events . Now they’ve taken it to a whole new level – and I don’t mean up.

The Warhol-esque poster and dating-club questions display a mockery of the idea that a women’s only event – or at best, an event targeted at women voters – could have any serious discourse in it, and that to get women to attend, sexy eyes and suggestive language are required. All that was missing was the question, “What’s your sign?”. I can’t imagine the marketing strategy that was behind this caper, but hopefully whoever they are will hang their heads in shame.

I actually don’t object to the word “ladies” (although it does hearken back to the days when the adjective “little” was included in this kind of thing). But the whole image and tenor of the event would be more appropriate if women were being invited to get to know Justin Bieber instead of Justin Trudeau. Or if Justin Trudeau was opening a dating service and wanted to launch the business by populating his “lady” databases with Liberal socialites.

I don’t really want to get to know politicians. I don’t want to be their friend (or their lover). And the opportunity to have cocktails and candid conversation with them sounds like a prelude to a scandal if ever I heard one. (Sidebar – I suddenly had an image of the kind of invitation Rob Ford might have for a “ladies” night with his constituents. Shudder.)

I want representatives who represent people. I want them to consider issues for all people, not just ladies or guys. I want them to consider more serious questions, such as how to address childhood poverty, provide affordable health care, protect the environment, and sustain a healthy economy. By addressing those, you can address issues facing women AND men without having to patronize or condescend to either.

As for virtues, we could start with respect. Megan Leslie, NDP MP from Halifax, replied best I think, with: “What’s the biggest issue facing women? This kind of crap.”

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