Four uncommon terms commonly heard in Manitoba, and four other ones

A friend sent me a copy of this recent tidbit from Macleans, and it is so error-ridden I feel compelled to speak out.

#2 – Jam busters are filled with jam (hence the name), and are also usually coated with granulated sugar rather than powdered sugar, and are therefore quite distinct from the jelly doughnut.

#5 – Socials are not stag-and-doe nights. Socials are a peculiar Manitoba event, usually involving tickets, a community hall, cheap beer, a DJ, cheese cubes and salami on toothpicks, and 50/50 draws. They are community fundraisers and general community gatherings in support/celebration of weddings, engagements, graduations, holidays, sports teams, community clubs, etc.

#6 – It is properly called bumper shining (from “to bumper shine”), meaning to hang on to the bumper of a moving car and sliding down the icy street.

#7- At my house, it was always date square. Perhaps in Alberta is it known as matrimonial cake.

It seems that Macleans uses Google to do its research, not getting much past Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary. Which is why I don’t read Macleans.

UPDATE: I sent my complaint to Macleans. Here’s the reply I received:

Robyn, thanks for your letter. The list is not from Google. I wrote it; I was born and raised in Winnipeg.

Best, Colin Campbell

I guess I should have pointed out that I, too, was born and raised in Winnipeg. I just don’t purport to be a journalist.

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