What I understand about Occupy Wall Street

In truth, based on the title this posting should be blank, as I still do not understand it. I hear the messages, but cannot make the connection between what people are complaining about, who/what they are blaming, and the actions they are taking to protest/highlight those things.

1. There is no guaranteed formula for success. I read occasionally about a protester saying “I did all the things I was supposed to – went to school, got good grades, got a good job – but it didn’t work out for me.” I never remember being told that success would come for sure – all I was told was that my chances were better. Everyone has the opportunity to try – no one is guaranteed success.

2. There seems to be some lack of acceptance that life is a bit like a casino. Ultimately, the house always wins – it has to, in order to keep providing a social fabric of any kind. The government doesn’t roll around in money – it takes money in and pays it out to make some semblance of order in society, and most governments these days pay out more than they take in, something that taxpayers are very quick to admonish them about, while still expecting more and more support. Also in a casino, if you gamble, there is a chance (a pretty good one actually) that you will lose, but everyone plays because there is also a chance that you will win.

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