Book report #5 (2017)

The Sense of an Ending, by Julian Barnes. Pub 2011 This is a book I've read before (more than once), which is something I've done with a few books by Julian Barnes. This is a¬†short one - just ~150 pages - but it is as full and evocative as his other writings. The characters are... Continue Reading →

Theatre on Film

As many who know me know, I'm a great fan of both theatre and film. I'm also a fan of lists. One recent insomniac night, I began a list of best films about theatre. I was able to construct (and remember the next morning) a list of ten, and so here they are, for your... Continue Reading →

Oscar Picks 2015

This is a crossover post from my other blog, where I write brief reviews about all the movies I see (which is a lot - 146 in 2014). Tomorrow night is Oscar night, a formerly sacrosanct day for us that has waned in significance in recent years due to the out-of-this-world cost of seeing a... Continue Reading →

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