Book reports 5, 6, and 7 (2019)

Vacations makes such a lovely time to read... Unsheltered, by Barbara Kingsolver. Pub 2018   After putting this aside after 2/3s done last month, I decided to stick it out till the end in the hopes that it would get better. It didn't.   Barbara Kingsolver's best writing is when her characters are in the... Continue Reading →

Book report #4 (2019)

The Enchanted April, by Elizabeth Von Armin. Pub 1922 I’ve been thinking about this book (as in thinking about reading it) for several years. I remember the film from 1991, and although I have not seen it since the late 90s, I recall that it was part of the era of “period” films based on... Continue Reading →

Book report #2 (2019)

Smut, by Alan Bennett. Pub 2011 Another point-of-purchase purchase, I had planned this as a Christmas gift, but decided after starting to read it that it was now mine. I have only read one other Alan Bennett (The Uncommon Reader), but have also seen the film based on his semi-autobiographical The Lady in the Van... Continue Reading →

Book report # un-numberable (2018)

The Only Story, by Julian Barnes. Pub 2018 "Sometimes you see a couple, and they seem bored witless with one another, and you can't imagine them having anything in common, or why they're still living together. But it's not just habit or complacency or convention or anything like that. It's because once, they had their... Continue Reading →

Book report #1 (2018)

The Elements of Eloquence: Secrets of the Perfect Turn of Phrase, by Mark Forsyth. Pub 2013 I found this book after seeing a Facebook post about the section on hyperbaton (defying the logical/grammatical order of words in a sentence). Hyperbaton covers three areas: prepositions (Shut up!), vowel order (tic-tac-toe), and word order (esp. adjectives and adjective-noun).... Continue Reading →

Book report #16 (2017)

A Mixture of Frailties, by Robertson Davies. Pub 1958 This completes the Salterton Trilogy for me, and I was delighted with all three books. I don't know if other authors previously had worked in the trifecta format, but Davies does it masterfully, allowing the old and new characters in the newer books to blend pretty... Continue Reading →

Book report #1 (2017)

Sh@dy Charac+ers: The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols & Other Typographical Marks. By Ke!th H*uston. Pub. 2013. Fun and interesting read, but not for non-pedants, there is some very interesting history about lesser known marks (pilcrow, anyone?) and more common ones. The book is enlightening and fun, especially for fans of the written word. There... Continue Reading →

Item #13: Cow-er Pot

A childish object from my adulthood, this little item is reminiscent of my family’s tendency to wordplay, extensive and repetitious wordplay. At some point, a series began relating to cows. You know the ones: the udderly ridiculous, the moo-re the merrier, the gulli-bull (stolen from Bugs Bunny, that one). I don’t remember how it started,... Continue Reading →

Deliciously descriptive

I've had the blessing over the last few months to read a lot more than I usually do, and I was delighted to find enjoyment in so many of the things I read. In addition to a few books, I've enjoyed various news sites, blogs and online versions of magazines. In early June, I read... Continue Reading →

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