Book report #3 (2017)

I'll Ask You Three Times, Are You Okay? Tales of Driving and Being Driven, by Naomi Shihab Nye. Pub. 2007 I don't recall how I came to this book - likely another Facebook item. This is a well done collection of personal essays and memoirs by an active writer, teacher and poet based on her... Continue Reading →

Item #14: Suitcase

This is an object of objects, both symbolic and practical. Like a tickle trunk or Mary Poppins' travel bag, this old suitcase is a box of dreams and memories, represented by things old and older. Although apocryphal, my memory tells me that this suitcase once belonged to my great-grandmother - my mom's dad's mom, known... Continue Reading →

Item #12: Carabiner and nut

A few years after first moving to Vancouver, I started some new hobbies: camping, hiking, and, rock climbing. The first two I still do, albeit only occasionally and not very well. Not unlike the third one, which I did more frequently (and only marginally better) but gave up after a few years, once appreciating my... Continue Reading →

Item #9 – Doc Martens

My precious Doc Martens were recently resurrected - rescued from certain banishment to the trash bin by the wizardry of a local cobbler. With new soles and laces, and a good polish, mama has some new old shoes. I include these in the object category as they are things of mine with meaning beyond their... Continue Reading →

Solo travels

"The average solo traveler is a 47-year-old female." I guess I've been 47 for much of my life, or perhaps I'm just reaching the median, with dozens more years to go. I've always enjoyed solo travel, especially on the road - behind the wheel, miles clicking north south east west, tunes blaring (and being sung... Continue Reading →

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