Item #21: Bee candle snuffer

This item is a curiosity – as in, I keep it only because it is odd and curious. This was a Christmas gift from a friend who delights in giving odd things that she finds in odd places (mostly antique shops, or strange little stores in West Vancouver). This item is odd because it is... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 8

Grade 8: September to December 1979, Souris Elementary School, Souris, PE. Teacher - Mr. D. MacDonald. January to June 1980, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher – Mrs. A. Enns. In the summer before Grade 8, we moved with my dad to Souris, PE, a tiny town in Eastern Prince Edward Island. The change... Continue Reading →

Item #20: World Famous cook set

During a recent vacation, I was using this set of pots and pans and was reminded of its vintage. This set is now 25 years old, having been purchased in 1992 at the inauspicious start of my hiking and outdoor hobby. Back then, I had grand aspirations of travelling the world, getting back to nature... Continue Reading →

Item #19: Mouse pad

At first glance, this looks like a squashed mouse. It is in fact a mouse pad - a rubber mouse track pad, made from recycled tires. I acquired this in the early 1990s, while shopping at the UBC Bookstore with my friend, Natasha. At least I think I did - I thought it was older... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 7

Grade 7: 1978, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher – Mr. D. Corbett. Grade 7 found us back in the same space as Grade 4, so more open area. I was still in the “B” class, and still very much distracted by the changes at home. I do have class pictures from Grade 7,... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 6

Grade 6: 1977, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB. Teacher – Mr. John Chaput. For Grade 6, it was back to the open area classrooms. Mr. H and Mr. Chaput moved up with our class, but I was moved down a bit into the more remedial stream, so Mr. Chaput became my homeroom teacher. I... Continue Reading →

Book report #13 (2017)

The Red Notebook, by Antoine Laurain, translation by Jane Aitken. Pub 2014. A delicious romantic story about things lost and found - possessions, memories, relationships. This novella (it truly did not seem long or complex enough to call it a novel) takes you into the world of a kind and somewhat lonely bookseller, and the... Continue Reading →

Item #18: Glass pig

This little piggy has been with me since early high school days, a gift from my friend Angie. I seem to remember this was going to be part of a series of gifts, but no other farm animals or glass figurines made their way to me (not from Angie anyway - the cow theme emerged... Continue Reading →

Book of Treasures: Grade 5

Grade 5: 1976, Van Bellingham Elementary School, Winnipeg, MB Teacher – Mr. H. I was super excited to start grade 5. Age 9 felt pretty grown up. With that new maturity came new responsibilities – being a crossing guard, having a house key and going home for lunch on my own. There was also the teacher –... Continue Reading →

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