Book report #20 (2022)

We, Me, Them & It, by John Simmons. Pub 2022. Original version published 2001. I’m in the midst of developing materials for an upcoming course on leadership and communication (part of Research Management and Communication at Mohawk College), and a random suggestion for this book came up in my searching for sources. As it is... Continue Reading →

Book report #19 (2022)

What They Forgot to Teach You at School, by The School of Life. Pub 2021 One of the coffee shops I visit for my various one-on-one meetings has a little book nook featuring many of these The School of Life books (it's where I found On Confidence last year). This was an interesting one to read... Continue Reading →

Book report extra #5* (2022)

Framed in Fire, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2022 Book 9, the most recent in the series, picks up almost where the previous one left off. It is spring 1948, and (once again) Lane meets a stranger, discovers a body, and gets embroiled in mysteries. SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't yet read this or previous books... Continue Reading →

Book report #18 (2022)

The Feather Thief, by Kirk Wallace Johnson. Pub 2018 I first heard about this story and book in an episode of the podcast This American Life. It is one of those stories of a seemingly oddball crime by an oddball character that takes the journalist and ultimately the reader to some fascinating places and times.... Continue Reading →

Book report extra #4* (2022)

A Lethal Lesson, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2021 In Book 8 in the Lane Winslow series, the Darlings have returned from their honeymoon and are starting their lives together in King’s Cove when – of course – mysteries begin. As Christmas approaches, a local schoolteacher is found unconscious amidst the wreckage of her own house... Continue Reading →

Book report extra #3* (2022)

A Match Made for Murder, by Iona Whishaw. Pub 2020 Book 7 in the Lane Winslow series features the honeymoon of the Darlings, as well as the emergence of leadership from newly minted Sergeant Ames. The Darlings head to Tuscon, AZ for their honeymoon and, as one would expect from Lane, murder and mystery abound.... Continue Reading →

Book report #17 (2022)

Island of the Lost, by Joan Druett. Pub 2007. This is a book that I’ve been meaning for years to read. I was inspired to pick it up and start (again) after completing an iteration of a webinar I do on leadership lessons based on Ernest Shackleton and his Endurance expedition. Like the Shackleton story, Island of the... Continue Reading →

Book report #16 (2022)

Elizabeth Finch, by Julian Barnes. Pub 2022 As mentioned in previous posts, my adoration and novel-lust for all things Julian Barnes is very strong. When I learned earlier this year about his next (now latest) novel, I sourced it out from a bookseller in England (Blackwell's in Oxford) so I could have the earliest possible... Continue Reading →

Item #29: Salt Rock

Today brought a few reminders that I’m way behind on my 100 objects project. The second occurred when I looked back at my list so far and saw that it seemed that I’d missed a number in my inventory, resulting in a review of all items and several trips down memory lanes, cul-de-sacs, and back... Continue Reading →

Book report #15 (2022)

The Childhood of Jesus, by JM Coetzee. Pub 2013 I don’t know what I was expecting with this book. I thought perhaps it would be a take on the childhood years of Jesus Christ, a period that is not covered in any great detail in the bible and so subject to much speculation, conjecture, and... Continue Reading →

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