Book report #35 (2020)

Landmarks, by Robert MacFarlane. Pub 2015 I have wanted to read something by Robert MacFarlane, and when I saw that I needed a language book to complete my list for 2020, he was a good choice. I opted for this book because I already owned it (otherwise, I would likely have chosen The Lost Words). … Continue reading

Book report #34 (2020)

Moon of the Crusted Snow, by Waubgeshig Rice. Pub 2018 I chose this one based on one of those “staff picks” walls at a local bookstore (obviously, a while ago). It has been on my to-read list for a while, and so was on the list of books I gave to my sister for Christmas … Continue reading

Book report #33* (2020)

The Splendid and the Vile, by Erik Larsen. Pub 2020 This was a leftover from vacation, and one that I don’t recall how or why it made it into my book pile, as it’s not a genre (historical war fiction) I normally go for. I have wanted to know/learn more about Winston Churchill, but I … Continue reading

Remembering Pop

It is a week of remembrances, in a month of loss, in a year of change and fear. Pop left us 10 years ago today, and like most of the recent past, it seems like both a lifetime ago and just yesterday. In a book I read recently, the main character and his friends have … Continue reading

Book report #30 (2020)

A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles. Pub 2016 This book was suggested by a friend, and since a book with a place name in the title was still unticked on my list, I decided to give a shot. I was initially daunted by the book length, but got over that soon enough. By page … Continue reading

Book report #29 (2020)

Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf. Pub 1925 Another of the should-reads and never-read-agains, I sought this out specifically for the pre-1925 category. Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway is having a party tonight. We see the entirety of the day told in considerable detail and meet many people in her circle and beyond. The perspective shifts throughout as … Continue reading

Book report #28 (2020)

Permanent Record, by Edward Snowden. Pub 2019 This was the last of the vacation reads – a gift from my sister at Christmas last year, and long overdue to read. I’ve stayed up late a few nights this week with this one. Edward Snowden needs no introduction as the whistleblower of the US NSA mass … Continue reading

Book report #27 (2020)

The Song of Achilles, by Madeline Miller. Pub 2012. I wanted to have a “sure thing” in my vacation library – a book that I knew would be good and that I’d enjoy, even if all the others were bad or boring. This seemed like the ticket (based on reviews by friends), so into the … Continue reading

Book report #26 (2020)

Always Home, by Fanny Singer. Pub 2020 This book was an unexpected birthday gift from a friend living in California. She knows of my love of good writing and good food (and of our book club), and read some favourable review of this book and so sent it my way. It came along in the … Continue reading

Book report #25 (2020)

Into That Darkness, by Steven Price. Pub 2011 This is the second book I’ve read by Steven Price, and his debut novel (thank goodness for that, or it wouldn’t fit into any category this year…). Into That Darkness is set in Victoria, BC, and tells of the days on and immediately following a series of … Continue reading